Our Faculty

Our faculty boasts of passionate and skilled individuals with a desire to empower. They are innovative thinkers knowledgeable in latest trends and opportunities.

The catalogue has been design to give insight into what the faculty is able to deliver. However, they are prepare to go over board to ensure we have brilliant and fresh minds in the industry.

Our Staff

Why TWA?

With a team lead of such reputable status and a faculty that has a cumulative of 50 years’ experience in media production and entrepreneurship, TREASURE WELLS ACADEMY is where the best is expected. In our programs, workshops and cross-disciplinary collaboration the knowledge acquired cannot carry a price tag. Our courses are taught by industry active professionals and experts and practical measurable results are expected.

Close your eyes and imagine working with the best of the best even as a student? That’s what TWA gives you – opportunity and premium experience.

Learning from the top indigenous and international professionals in the industry both. Our faculty consists of filmmakers, actors, writers and industry professionals all in the award winning category. You not only get an education but exposure to their personally tips, mentorship and access to their work.
Industry access and placement. TWA is building a network for its students to ensure you get placements during and after your training. Our goal is to give our students experiential knowledge and access into the industry.
Digital content creation. This is the future and we believe we need to get our students ready to be able to compete in the future with individuals from across the world. We would show you how to create your online portfolio and market yourself accurately.


Our emphasis is on empowering brands and individuals through training and exposure while creating premium experience in terms of media production