Our training introduces students to the foundational elements and context of enacting without any shred of doubt imaginary scenarios of believable living.

Each student leaves the training with a 1-2 min. self-written and filmed monologue, a 3-4 min. dialogue scene, and a final, 5-7 min. collaborative short.

Some skills explored are script analysis, character internalization, working with directors, expressions, maintaining continuity and emotional transition


  • Be able to create original, engaging characters
  • Know the difference between a screenplay and the finished film
  • Have developed the right structural approach
  • Learn how to write on budget, understanding the Nollywood industry and funding challenges
  • Understand how genre helps to shape and market a story
  • Understand the role of screenwriters within the film industry

The TWA Advantage

At TreasureWells Film Academy & Internship, emphasis is laid on hands-on result oriented job creating training. So we ensure that our students are well on their way to working as commercial actors right after graduation. We get you engaged and well integrated in the industry.