Our directing students learn to hold a film’s artistic and dramatic vision, and make decisions on how to tell a story visually. They work with and behind the camera, while collaborating with actors and other professionals and learn the basics of editing.

Some skills explored include script analysis, working with actors, shot composition and editing. Students also learn the basics of acting, production design and lighting.


  • Know how to interpret a script and create a treatment
  • Understand how to use the camera to tell a story
  • Learn to shoot for the final edit and edit a dramatic scene
  • Manage a crew and direct using correct on-set protocol
  • Record sound and use it creatively to tell a story
  • Develop an understanding of the grammar of film and visual storytelling
  • Learn how to set up a scene for a film

The TWA Advantage

At TreasureWells Film Academy & Internship, emphasis is laid on hands-on result oriented job creating training. So we ensure that our students are well on their way to working as commercial actors right after graduation. We get you engaged and well integrated in the industry.